You can configure the Carbon Black EDR server to display a warning banner when any of its server certificates is ready to expire. The values available for this are: 0, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. If the value provided is 0 (zero), no warning appears.

This value can also be set through the console as described here, or by providing a value in CbServerCertWarnBeforeExpirationDays in the cb.conf file, in which case it cannot be changed in the console. For more information about cb.conf, see the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration Guide

If enabled, the warning displays for any expiring certificate listed on the Server Certificates page, even one not used by any sensor groups. If you see warnings for a certificate you are not using and will not use later, delete the certificate to prevent unneeded warnings. See Delete a Certificate from a Server.


  1. Click Username > Settings.
  2. Click Server Certificates.
  3. In the Notify me menu above the table, select the number of days in advance to be warned about expiration of any certificates (whether or not they are being used by any sensors).