This setting defines special symbols that you can include in indexing and queries when SolrEnableProcCmdlineSearchWithSymbols=True.

If SolrEnableProcCmdlineSearchWithSymbols=True, you can define certain symbols to index and on which to query.

For example, for this query:

(process_name:cmd.exe cmdline:echo (cmdline:&& or cmdline:&) filemod_count:[1 TO *])

If SolrEnableProcCmdlineSearchWithSymbols=True and SolrProcCmdlineSearchSymbols="&", then "&&" and "&" will not be whitespaced during indexing and are subsequently available for a query.

Acceptable values for SolrProcCmdlineSearchSymbols are "",`,(,),{,},[,],=,<,>,&,|

You can assign multiple values. For example, SolrProcCmdlineSearchSymbols="&{["

If SolrEnableProcCmdlineSearchWithSymbols=False, then values in SolrProcCmdlineSearchSymbols are ignored.

Default: null

  • New in version 7.8.0
  • This setting is only applicable for cmdline and fileless_scriptload_cmdline.