The Carbon Black Yara Manager provides a web-based user interface that is integrated with the Carbon Black EDR server to configure, control, and assess the status of the YARA Connector.

Yara Manager allows you to perform the following administrative actions on the Carbon Black YARA Connector that is installed on the Carbon Black EDR server:

  • Get current status of the YARA Connector

  • Restart the YARA Connector

  • Delete all threat reports

  • Upload new YARA Rules

  • View the YARA Connector configuration

Important: YARA Connector must be installed for YARA Manager to work properly. If YARA Manager is enabled through cb.conf on a system where YARA Connector is not installed, the user interface presents an HTML 404 error code. See for instructions on installing the YARA Connector. See the Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration Guide for information about cb.conf.