If a Carbon Black EDR user is a Global Administrator or Carbon Black Hosted EDR Administrator, that user has access to all functionality for all computers in all sensor groups. For all other users, access to features is granted through membership on teams.

Endpoints running the Carbon Black EDR sensor are members of sensor groups . Each team has a defined role in each sensor group, and this role defines what it can see and do with sensors and their information. Team specifications also control access to some features that are not group-specific.

During Carbon Black EDR installation, a default sensor group (called Default Group) is created. You can put all sensors in the Default Group, but in order to use teams to limit access to certain sensors, we recommend that you create additional sensor groups. See Sensor Groups.

You might want one team to manage endpoints in one region, and another team to manage endpoints in another region. Or, you might let all teams manage most endpoints but create a special team to manage the endpoints of your executive staff. You can also create teams that can view but not modify information and settings.

If a user is assigned to multiple teams with permission to access the same sensor group, and these teams have different rules, the user has the privileges of the highest role that is available from any of the teams.

Although you can assign a user to teams at any time, it is helpful to have teams set up before you create non-Global Administrator users because the capabilities of most users are determined by their teams.