Perform the following procedure to provide enhanced Analyst permissions to a user.

The following procedures instruct you to navigate to Users from the navigation bar; for Carbon Black Hosted EDR administrators, navigate to Teams instead.


  1. On the navigation bar:
    • For Carbon Black EDR, click Users.
    • For Carbon Black Hosted EDR, click Teams and then click the Users tab.
  2. Locate the user to whom to give enhanced permissions and click the Edit user button. If you are providing enhanced Analyst permissions for Carbon Black EDR that you have not created, use the Add User button and provide all necessary information.
  3. In the Enhance Analyst permissions panel, check the box next to each permission to give this user.
    The Edit Admin page displaying the enhance analyst permissions panel with the permission checkboxes

    If the user is not a member of an Analyst team, a gray triangle icon appears in the upper left of the Enhance Analyst permission panel. If the user is already a member of a team with Analyst permission for a sensor group, the icon is a green checkmark.

  4. If necessary, add the user to a team with Analyst permissions.
  5. Click Save.