The Carbon Black EDR console is a browser-based user interface for accessing the Carbon Black EDR server and the information it collects from sensors and Carbon Black Threat Intel feeds. You log into the Carbon Black EDR console from a supported web browser on any computer that has access to your server.



Google Chrome is the only supported browser for this release. Although Firefox can be used, it causes rendering issues on some pages and is not recommended. Other browsers should not be used for Carbon Black EDRCarbon Black EDR console access.

To log into the console:

  1. From a supported web browser, enter the path to the Carbon Black EDR server.

  2. If your browser displays a warning about the certificate, you can safely ignore the warning and click through the remaining confirmation windows.


    To avoid future certificate warnings, accept the certificate permanently.

  3. In the Login dialog box, enter your user name and password.

  4. Click the Login button to display the Head Up Display (HUD) page.