Endpoints should comply with all hardware requirements for the OS you are running. Consider all processes that run on the endpoints when determining hardware configuration. Only industry standard desktop, laptop, or notebook computers and server hardware platforms are supported. Mobile, tablet, embedded, or fixed-function devices require additional qualifications. Please contact VMware Carbon Black Support for additional information.



Additional Notes


The sensor typically uses 50-100 MB of virtual memory.

Systems running WePOS, POSReady, XP Embedded, or Embedded 7 should have at least 512 MB of physical memory.

Other supported operating systems should have at least 1 GB of physical memory.

Disk Space

The sensor requires at least 200 MB of free disk space on the system volume; 500 MB is recommended.

Actual storage requirements depend on factors such as the number of files on the computer and the Carbon Black EDR configuration.

If Carbon Black EDR is installed to a location other than the system volume, 100 MB of free space must be available on the installation volume.