Your appliance password is active for a certain amount of time. To maintain it, either reset it, or extend the expiration time.

The password for the appliance expires in 90 days after you deploy the appliance for the first time. The appliance UI displays a notification when your password is due to expire. The message appears 15 days before the password expiry and is similar to Password expires in X days. The Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in also shows notification on appliance's password expiry with the following message Password for appliance expires in X days. You must reset the password before it expires. You can also extend the password expiration time manually or disable the password expiration permanently.

By default, the appliance time zone is UTC.

The Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance console UI shows a root password expiration notification. You can also view the appliance root password expiration notification in the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in, part of the vSphere Client UI.