VMware Chargeback is used for metering the infrastructure services offered by a Cloud Provider to their tenants.

VMware Chargeback provides a metering and billing interface for eligible VMware cloud providers, to track, measure and bill for usage and services offered via Cloud Director service in addition to an in-context interface for tenants of the service providers, to analyze and monitor metrics and bills about the infrastructure that they are consuming. VMware Chargeback also provides a comprehensive API suite for integration with accounting and billing tools. The VMware Chargeback has the following capabilities:
  • Meter IT infrastructure resource usage
  • View and compare usage data for various objects.
  • Set usage or allocation-based pricing policy for resources such as memory, storage, and network.
  • Generate and schedule bills for tenants.
  • Set alerts and notifications based on usage.
  • Provide tenants the ability to view usage and bills.
  • Offer value added monitoring services to their tenants such as reports, metrics, alerts and dashboards.