Please refer to Operations Runbook for Service Providers to get started.

Using the Getting Started Panel

Use the Getting Started guide within the VMware Chargeback to perform the configuration steps and start collecting data.

To access the Getting Started panel:
  1. Login to VMware Chargeback.
  2. On the service page, click the Getting Started panel.
Tasks Description
Add Cloud Proxy Collect and upload resource usage data from endpoints to vRealize Operations.
Configure VMware Cloud Director Instance Collect tenant consumption data from VMware Cloud Director instances.
Configure vCenter Server Instances Collect tenant usage data from vCenter Server instances.
Configure NSXT Instances (Optional) Collect usage data from NSX-T resources such as logical routers, switches, etc.
Configure with VCD Tenant UI Allow tenants to access the VMware Chargeback directly from the VMware Cloud Director user interface.
Enable tenant UI plugin access Allow tenants to launch VMware Chargeback UI from VMware Cloud Director and Cloud Director service instances.
Select storage pricing option (Optional) Select aggregate storage charges for paying Org-VDCs.
Create Pricing Policy Define pricing policies for virtual machine and other resources.
Assign Pricing Policy to OVDCs Apply agreed tenant's pricing policy to the tenant's organization VDC.
Generate Bill Generate an ad hoc bill or schedule bill generation.