In this step, the cloud administrator adds a network profile to each cloud zone.

In each profile, the administrator adds a network for the WordPress machines, and a second network that will sit on the other side of an eventual load balancer. The second network will be the one that users eventually connect over.


Add cloud zones. See WordPress use case: add cloud zones.


  1. Go to Infrastructure > Configure > Network Profiles.
  2. Click New Network Profile, and create a profile for the development cloud zone.
    Network Profile Setting Sample Value
    Account / region OurCo-AWS/us-east-1
    Name devnets
    Description WordPress
    Capability tags env:dev
  3. Click Networks, and click Add Network.
  4. Select wpnet, appnet-public, and click Add.
    Remember that all values are only use case samples. Your network names will vary.
  5. Click Create.
    This Wordpress example does not require that you specify network policy or network security settings.
  6. Repeat the process twice, to create a network profile for the Wordpress example test and production cloud zones. In each case, add the wpnet and appnet-public networks.
    Network Profile Setting Sample Value
    Account / region OurCo-AWS/us-west-2
    Name testnets
    Description WordPress
    Capability tags env:test
    Network Profile Setting Value
    Account / region OurCo-Azure/East US
    Name prodnets
    Description WordPress
    Capability tags env:prod

What to do next

Add storage. See WordPress use case: add storage profiles.