In Cloud Assembly, cloud administrators can view and edit the network resources that have been data-collected from the project's cloud accounts and integrations.

After you add a cloud account, data collection discovers the cloud account's network and security information and makes that information available for use in network profiles and other options.

Networks are the IP-specific components of an available network domain or transport zone. If you're an Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure user, think of networks as subnets.

The Cloud Assembly Networks page contains information such as:
  • Networks and load balancers that are defined externally in the network domain of your cloud account, for example in vCenter, NSX-V, or Amazon Web Services.
  • Networks and load balancers that have been deployed by the cloud administrator.
  • IP ranges and other network characteristics that have been defined or modified by your cloud administrator.

You can view and edit networks and their characteristics, for example to add tags or remove support for public IP access. You can also define new, and manage existing, IP ranges within your available networks.

For existing networks you can change the IP range and tag settings by selecting the network's checkbox and selecting either Manage IP Ranges or Tags. Otherwise you can select the network itself to edit its information.

Tags provide a means for matching appropriate networks, and optionally network profiles, to network components in blueprints. Network tags are applied to every instance of that network, regardless of any network profiles in which the network may reside. Networks can be instanced into any number of network profiles. Regardless of network profile residency, a network tag is associated with that network wherever the network is used. Network tag matching occurs with other components in the blueprint after the blueprint has been matched with one or more network profiles.

Load balancer information is also provided for available resources. You can add and remove load balancer tags.

For related information, see Learn more about network profiles in Cloud Assembly.