As a cloud administrator you create projects, add users as project administrators or members, and assign cloud zones that provide the infrastructure resources to support the member goals. Anyone who creates and deploys blueprints must be a member of at least one project.

What Is the Best Way to Set Up Projects

Blueprint developers need resources that support their development goals. As the cloud administrator, you compare the development requirements to your cloud zones, and then add the necessary zones to a project. Users can be members of more than one project.

Project considerations for cloud administrators.

  1. Do you understand the business needs of your development team? Do you have the cloud vendor resources to support those needs?

  2. Have you created cloud zones based on the cloud vendor accounts that contain the resources your development team needs? To understand how projects work, see How Do Cloud Assembly Projects Work at Deployment Time.

  3. Did you map flavors and images for the account regions in those zones? The mappings provide common names for machine sizes and operating systems across zones. The common names are then used in the blueprints.

  4. Have you configured the network and storage profiles for the account regions in your zones?

If you have addressed all the considerations, select Infrastructure > Projects and click New Project. Create a project that includes the cloud zones and the blueprint developers who you want to deploy blueprints to those zones.

How Do I Create a Blueprint for a Project

When you create a blueprint, you first select the project to which it is associated. The project must exist before you create the blueprint.

The project does two things.

  • Determines which users can see the blueprint in the Blueprints tab. Project members can see and deploy project blueprints.

  • Determines where the blueprint components are deployed based on the infrastructure that is defined for the project cloud zones.

To create a blueprint, click the Blueprints tab and click New.