As a cloud administrator, you can create a VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account for account regions to which your team will deploy vRealize Automation Cloud blueprints.

VMware Cloud on AWS requires some unique configuration procedures in vRealize Automation Cloud. To properly configure vRealize Automation Cloud for VMware Cloud on AWS, including setting an API token values for the cloud account and setting gateway firewall rules for its cloud proxy, see the VMware Cloud on AWS use case workflow.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Cloud Accounts, click Add Cloud Account and select the VMware Cloud on AWS account type.
  2. Add the VMC API token for your organization to access the available SDDCs.
    You can create a new token or use an existing token for your organization on the linked API Tokens page. For details, see Create a VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account in vRealize Automation Cloud within a sample workflow.
  3. Select the SDDC to be available for deployments.

    NSX-V SDDCs are not supported and do not appear in the list.

    The vCenter and NSX-T Manager IP address/FQDN values are automatically populated based on the SDDC.

    If you have already installed a cloud proxy on the vCenter, the cloud proxy value is also specified. If you need to create a cloud proxy, see Create and deploy a cloud proxy for a VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account in Cloud Assembly.

  4. Enter your vCenter user name and password for the specified SDDC if other than the default value of cloudadmin@vmc.local.
  5. Click Validate to confirm your access rights to the specified vCenter and check that the vCenter is running.

    The data centers associated with the account are collected.

  6. For efficiency, create a cloud zone for provisioning to the selected SDDC.

    You can also create cloud zones as a separate step according to your organization's cloud strategy.

  7. If you need to add tags to support a tagging strategy, enter capability tags.

    You can add or remove capability tags later. See How do I use tags to manage Cloud Assembly resources and deployments.

  8. Click Save.


The cloud account is added and the selected SDDC is available for the specified cloud zone.

What to do next

To properly configure vRealize Automation Cloud for VMware Cloud on AWS, see VMware Cloud on AWS use case.

For related information about VMware Cloud on AWS outside of vRealize Automation Cloud, see VMware Cloud on AWS documentation.