Action-Based (ABX) Extensibility uses streamlined scripts of code within Cloud Assembly to automate extensibility actions.

Action-Based Extensibility (ABX) provides a lightweight and flexible run-time engine interface where you can define small scriptable actions and configure them to initiate on particular events provided by the Event Broker Service (EBS).

You can create these scripts of code within Cloud Assembly and assign them to subscriptions. Similarly to workflows, the ABX script is triggered by the occurrence of an event as specified in the subscription. These ABX scripts are used for more lightweight and simple automation of tasks and steps. They are also hosted on the cloud as opposed workflows which are hosted on-prem using a vRealize Orchestrator client and server.

ABX provides:

  • A simple yet powerful alternative to vRealize Orchestrator workflows , using small and reusable scriptable actions, for lightweight integrations and customizations.

  • A simple and easy way to reuse Action templates, which contain reusable parameterized actions.

You can create extensibility actions by either writing a user-defined action script code or importing a predefined script code as a zip package.