As you iteratively develop blueprints, you can create versions along the way. You can later restore to a version, make a new Cloud Assembly blueprint from a version, release a version, and compare different versions.

As a blueprint developer, you might need to capture a snapshot of a working blueprint before you add and configure another component or change the current version. At deployment time, you can select one of the versions to deploy.

Capture a version

To version the current blueprint, click Version on the blueprint canvas at any time. You must provide a version value. The value must be alphanumeric with no spaces. Allowed special characters are ., -, and _.

Clone a version

As you work, you can make a copy of the blueprint for alternative development.

Restore a version

If a change is not successful, you can always revert to a previous version before continuing or to make a copy.

Release a version

At any point, you can create a released version.

When you import content into Service Broker, Service Broker requires the latest released version of a blueprint.

Compare versions

If you have complicated changes, you can identify the differences between blueprint versions.

You can use the View pane to see the topology and YAML for different blueprint versions. In the version page, click the version name in the left pane. You can cycle through, looking at the different configurations.

To view the detailed differences, you can select a baseline version, click Diff, and then select second version for comparison. If you are on the Diff Code view, the YAML differences are highlighted. If you are on the Diff Visually view, the topology differences are highlighted.

Viewing versions

Select a version at deployment time

When you deploy a blueprint, you can select the version that you want to deploy.

Select a blueprint version at deployment time