To jumpstart your resource library, download files from the Cloud Assembly Marketplace.

The Marketplace provides finished blueprints and open virtualization images that are managed on the VMware Solution Exchange. Solution Exchange files that are tagged with cloud assembly appear under the Cloud Assembly Marketplace tab.

How to access the Marketplace

In Cloud Assembly, select Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations. Click Add Integration, click My VMware, and provide your My VMware account credentials.

How to download and use Marketplace blueprint files

In the Marketplace tab, click Get, and accept the blueprint EULA. Then, you can add the blueprint to a Cloud Assembly project, or simply download it. You can upload a blueprint in the Design tab.

For a project-based example, imagine that you are a project administrator for a Big Data effort. To assist your team, you locate a Marketplace Hadoop blueprint that you add to the team project. You then customize the blueprint for your resource environment, and release it. Then, you import the blueprint into the Service Broker catalog so that your team can deploy it.

How to download and use Marketplace image files

In the Marketplace tab, click Get, and accept the OVF or OVA image EULA. Afterward, you can download the OVF or OVA image and reference it in blueprint code.

Continuing with the previous example, your team might need access to a version of Hadoop itself. You download a Hadoop OVF and add it to cloud account resources such as a vCenter Server Content Library. You then update any blueprint code that needs to point to the OVF image.