To use vRealize Orchestrator workflows with Event Broker subscriptions, you must register a vRO client as an endpoint within Cloud Assembly.


  • Cloud administrator role.

  • Existing vRealize Orchestrator workflows.


  1. Navigate to the Infrastructure > Manage > Cloud Proxies tab.
  2. Click Add New to set up a new cloud proxy to run as a vRealize Orchestrator on-prem client.

    Download and run the cloud proxy in the same vCenter as your vRealize Orchestrator instance.

  3. Click Integrations > Add Integration > vRealize Orchestrator.
  4. Click the SaaS-Enabled Orchestrator link to download the vRealize Orchestrator OVA application.
  5. Deploy the OVA using vSphere Web Client.
  6. Create a vRO integration with the following parameters:



    vRealize Orchestrator URL

    URL of your vRO instance.

    Cloud Proxy

    Use the cloud proxy created in step 2.

    User name and Password

    Your vRO user name and Password.

  7. Click Validate to validate the connection.
  8. Save the integration point.


Your vRO integration is now registered as an endpoint.

What to do next

After creating a vRO integration endpoint, you can now use vRO workflows within Event Broker subscriptions. For more information on using vRO workflows, see Create an extensibility subscription.