You can use Action-Based Extensibility actions for use with subscriptions.

Action-Based Extensibility actions are highly customizable, lightweight, and flexible ways to extend application life cycles using user-defined script code and action templates. Action templates contain predefined parameters that help set up the foundation of your extensibility action.

There are two ways to create an extensibility action:

  • Writing user-defined code for an extensibility action script.
  • Importing a deployment package as a ZIP file for an extensibility action.


  • Membership in an active and valid project.
  • Configured AWS role for Lambda functions. For example, AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole.
  • Cloud administrator role or iam:PassRole permissions enabled.


  1. Click Extensibility > Actions > New Action.
  2. Enter a name and description for your action.
  3. Search and select an action template.
    Note: To create a custom action without using an action template, select Custom Script.
    New configurable parameters appear.
  4. Select Write script or Import Package.
    Note: If you select Write script, you can write the script code directly in the New Action window. If you select Import package, you must select Import and select a script ZIP file that contains both the action code and its dependencies.
  5. Select an action Runtime.
  6. Enter an Entrypoint name for the action's function.
  7. Define Input and Output parameters.
  8. To define timeout and memory limits, select the Customize timeouts and limits check box.
  9. To test your action, click Save and then Test.
  10. Select Version History.
  11. To release the action, click Release.
    Note: Extensibility actions must be released for use in subscriptions.

What to do next

After your extensibility action is created and verified, you can assign it to a subscription.