You can use a dump subscription topic parameters script to view specific parameters and payload of your virtual machine at any given event broker service event stage.

Primarily, this script is useful for debugging and checking available inputs for your vRealize Orchestrator workflow. To view all parameters of your virtual machine, use the following script with your workflow:
function dumpProperties(props,lvl){
         var keys = props.keys;
         var prefix = ""
     for (var i=0; i<lvl; i++){
                   prefix = prefix + "";
          for (k in keys){
                 var key = keys[k];
                 var value = props.get(keys[k])
                 if ("Properties" == System.getObjectType(value)){
                  System.log(Prefix + key + "[")
                  System.log(prefix+ "]")
                 } else{
                   System.log( prefix + key + ":" + vaklue)

   dumpProperties(inputProperties, 0)

   customProps = inputProperties.get("customProperties")