Cloud Assembly includes predefined Event Topics.

Event Topics

Event topics are the categories that group similar events together. When assigned to a subscription, event topics define which event triggers the subscription. The following event topics are provided by default with Cloud Assembly. All topics can be used to add or update custom properties or tags of the resource. If the vRO workflow or ABX action fails, the corresponding task fails as well.

Table 1. Cloud Assembly Event Topics

Event Topic



Logging related events.

Subscription Lifecycle

Issued when a subscription is created, modified, or deleted.

Compute Allocation

Events issued before the allocation of 'resourcenames' and 'hostselections'. Both of these properties can be modified at this stage.

Compute Provision

Events that occur before the resource is provisioned at the hypervisor.


You can change the allocated IP address.

Compute Removal

Events issued before the resource is removed.

Compute Reservation

Events issued at the time of reservation.


You can change the placement order.

Compute Post Provision

Events issued after a resource was provisioned successfully.