A flavor mapping groups a set of target deployment sizings for a specific cloud account/region using natural language naming.

Cloud vendors use flavors, or instance types, to express standard deployment sizings such as small (1 CPU,2 GB RAM) or large (2 CPU, 8 GB RAM) for deployed compute resources.

Flavor mapping lets you create a named mapping that contains similar flavor sizings across your account regions. For example, a flavor map named standard_small might contain a similar flavor sizing (such as 1CPU, 2GB RAM) for some or all of the available account/regions in your project. See WordPress use case: add flavor mappings.

You can display your flavor mappings by either flavor name or by account/region.

When you build and eventually deploy and iterate a blueprint, you pick an available flavor sizing that best fits your needs.

You should organize the flavor mappings for your project by similar size settings and by functional deployment intent.