Using vRealize Orchestrator integration or Action-Based Extensibility (ABX) actions with Cloud Assemblyyou can create subscriptions to extend your applications.

Extensibility subscriptions allow you to extend your applications by triggering workflows or actions at specific lifecyle events. You can also apply filters to your subscriptions to set boolean conditions for the specified event. For example, the event and workflow/action only triggers if the boolean expression is 'true'. This is helpful when you want to control when events and actions are triggered.


In the filter events in topic field, use the "Alt + Space" keys on Windows or "Option + Space" keys on Mac to display filter options.



  1. Click Extensiblity > Subscriptions > New Subscription.
  2. Enter the details of your subscription.
  3. Select an Event Topic within the On Event section.
  4. Click Run Item and select a vRealize Orchestrator or ABX runnable type from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select a workflow or ABX action as the Runnable id to use within your subscription.

    For vRO workflows, the Runnable id drop down menu lists the number of integrations containing the selected workflow. When an action is selected as the runnable id, Cloud Assembly specifies how many projects contain the selected action.

  6. Click Create save your subscription.


Your subscription is created. When an event, categorized by the selected Event Topic, occurs the linked vRealize Orchestrator workflow or ABX action is initiated and all subscribers are notified.

What to do next

After creating your subscription, you can create or deploy a blueprint to link and use the subscription. Additionally, you can check the status of the workflow run in the Extensibility tab within Cloud Assembly. For subscriptions containing vRealize Orchestrator workflows, you can also monitor runs and workflow status from the vRealize Orchestrator client.