Using a vRealize Orchestrator workflow, you can view parameters of a virtual machine at any given Event Broker Service (EBS) event stage.


  • Cloud administrator role

  • An existing connection to the vRealize Orchestrator server.


  1. Create a workflow using vRealize Orchestrator and define the inputProperties as Properties..

    For more information on creating a workflow in vRO, see the official documentation for vRealize Orchestrator.

  2. Enter the following dump subscription topics parameters script and save your workflow.
    function dumpProperties(props,lvl){
             var keys = props.keys;
             var prefix = ""
         for (var i=0; i<lvl; i++){
                       prefix = prefix + "";
              for (k in keys){
                     var key = keys[k];
                     var value = props.get(keys[k])
                     if ("Properties" == System.getObjectType(value)){
                      System.log(Prefix + key + "[")
                      System.log(prefix+ "]")
                     } else{
                       System.log( prefix + key + ":" + vaklue)
       dumpProperties(inputProperties, 0)
       customProps = inputProperties.get("customProperties")

    For more information on the dump subscription topic parameters script, see View Topic Parameters and Payload.

  3. In Cloud Assembly, create a subscription with the following parameters:




    View Payload

    Event topic

    Select a topic suitable for the desired vRO integration. For example, it must be attached to an allocation phase as a blocking subscription.

    Blocking/ Non-blocking


    Runnable item type

    Select a vRO runnable type.

    Runnable id

    Select the dump subscription workload you created.

  4. Click Create to save your subscription.
  5. Create or deploy a Blueprint for use with the vRO workflow subscription.
  6. Verify that the workflow was initiated successfully either in the Cloud Assembly Workflow Runs tab or from within the vRO client logs.