App Launchpad 1.0 | 09 APR 2020 | Build 15936169 

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What's in the Release Notes 

The release notes cover the following topics:  

About App Launchpad

App Launchpad enables Service Providers to offer a marketplace of applications within VMware Cloud Director. App Launchpad is a plug-in for VMware Cloud Director that provides a user interface to easily access and launch applications from VMware Cloud Director content catalogs. Using App Launchpad, developers and DevOps engineers can launch applications to VMware Cloud Director in seconds. 

App Launchpad 1.0 supports launching single-VM applications. 

You can configure App Launchpad to work with the following types of applications:

  • Bitnami Applications  
    • Bitnami offers pre-configured, tested, and supported open source applications. Service Providers that subscribe to the Bitnami Community Catalog can access these applications from the VMware Cloud Marketplace. App Launchpad integrates with the VMware Cloud Marketplace to create an optimal experience for Bitnami customers. 
  • Apps from VMware Cloud Marketplace  
    • The VMware Cloud Marketplace offers a range of ISV applications that a Service Provider can add to VMware Cloud Director and make available for consumption in App Launchpad.
  • In-house applications  
    • App Launchpad can display vApp templates that a Service Provider installed.

Supported Browsers

 App Launchpad is compatible with the current major and previous major release of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Note: You access App Launchpad by using the VMware Cloud Director service provider admin and tenant portals. The Web browsers that App Launchpad supports depend on the VMware Cloud Director version that you run. 


In addition to the current release notes, you can use the App Launchpad documentation set at

Known Issues

  • Configuring App Launchpad fails with the following error message:

    Can't find vCD user by alp

    To configure App Launchpad, you run the alp connect script. The script creates the App-Launchpad-Service account in the respective VMware Cloud Director system organization. You specify the service account name in the value for the --sa-user argument. If the service account that you specified exists in the VMware Cloud Director system organization, the operation fails and returns the error message.

    Workaround: To work around this issue, you have the following two options: 

    • Use the VMware Cloud Director service provider admin portal to remove the user that you want to specify as the App-Launchpad-Service account.
    • When running the alp connect script, for the --sa-user argument value, enter an account name that does not exist. The script creates the account for you. 
  • App Launchpad cannot work with RabbitMQ if RabbitMQ is configured to use an SSL port

    If you configure the AMQP extensibility of VMware Cloud Director with only an SSL port, you cannot register App Launchpad as a service extension.

    Workaround: Configure the AMQP extensibility with a non-SSL port and reconfigure App Launchpad.

  • Deployed applications report no CPU and memory usage

    In the App Launchpad user interface, deployed applications report zero compute resources, while in reality the applications consume compute resources. This issue only occurs if you are working with VMware Cloud Director 10.1.

    Workaround: To retrieve the actual compute resources that your deployed applications consume, go to the organization virtual datacenter in the VMware Cloud Director user interface. 

  • Launching an application fails when you use routed networks with no DNAT rules defined in the Edge gateway

    If there are no defined DNAT rules in the Edge gateway, you cannot launch applications using routed networks.

    Workaround: To work around this issue, define disabled DNAT rules for your networks.

  • Launching an application fails, if the vApp template is not completely synchronized

    To launch an application from Cloud Marketplace, the vApp template must be completely synchronized.

    Workaround: Wait for the vApp template synchronization to complete. You can monitor the synchronization task progress in the VMware Cloud Director user interface.

  • If you set a firewall rule (HTTP_HTTPS or NONE) by using the advanced deployment options of App Launchpad, the rule has no effect on the network access of the application

    Firewall rule settings apply to the vApp network. However, a deployed application might not have vApp networks, so the setting does not take effect.

    Workaround: If you need to set a firewall rule for the deployed application, for routed networks, create the firewall rules on the edge. For direct networks, create a vApp network and firewall rule for the vApp.

  • When launching applications, if you select a routed network that is backed by NSX-T, the launch fails with the following error message: 

    VC identifier could not be null

    Workaround: Use another network type to launch applications.

  • When you import applications from VMware Marketplace to App Launchpad, the logo and summary for the applications do not update after a successful import

    After the completion of a successful import of an application from VMware Marketplace to App Launchpad, the logo and the summary of the application are not displayed in the App Launchpad user interface.

    Workaround: Restart the App Launchpad service:

    1. Open an SSH connection to the App Launchpad machine. 
    2. Run the systemctl restart alp command.
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