To add a system proxy for accessing resources, or to increase the Java Virtual Memory, you can edit the Java Runtime configuration of App Launchpad.

To edit the runtime environment, you edit the /opt/vmware/alp/ALPJavaEnvironments file.
Caution: Edit the runtime configuration cautiously, as incorrect values can lead to a failure to start App Launchpad services.


  1. Open an SSH connection to the App Launchpad machine.
  2. Using a text editor, open the /opt/vmware/alp/ALPJavaEnvironments file.
  3. To create a system proxy, append the following parameters and save the file.
    #  -Xmx750m
    #  -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
  4. Restart App Launchpad services by running the systemctl restart alp command.
  5. Verify that the runtime environment is successfully updated by running the ps -elf | grep java command.
    The system returns the following message: java -jar /opt/vmware/alp/alp.jar --logging.path=log