To help diagnose problems, you might need to generate system and runtime information, and support bundle collections of log files.

The App Launchpad support bundle contains the following information:
  • Text file with details about the support bundle. Contains start date, end date, and target directory for the support bundle, as defined during generation.
  • All App Launchpad configuration details. Sensitive data, such as user names and passwords, is excluded.
  • App Launchpad service logs


  1. Open an SSH connection to the App Launchpad machine, log in, and use su to obtain root privileges or the privileges of a user that belongs to the vmware-alp user group.
  2. To generate the support bundle, run the following command:
    /opt/vmware/alp/bin/support --log-startdate start-date --log-enddate end-date --log-path /opt/vmware/alp/log --out-dir target-directory

    You can optionally append the --log-startdate, --log-enddate, --log-path, and --out-dir arguments.

    The --log-startdate argument defines the start time for the logs to be collected. The default value is 2018-01-01.

    The --log-enddate argument defines the end time for the logs to be collected. If not specified, the end date is the current date.

    For the --log-startdate and the --log-enddate arguments values, enter the date in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

    The --log-path argument defines the directory from which the logs are collected. If not specified, the directory is /opt/vmware/alp/log.

    The --out-dir argument defines the target directory for the support bundle to be generated. If not specified, the support bundle is saved to the current directory.

    /opt/vmware/alp/bin/support --log-startdate 2020-03-12 --log-enddate 2020-05-24 --out-dir /tmp


The support bundle is generated and saved to the specified directory.