To perform additional troubleshooting, increase the logging level. Use the VMware Cloud Director Availability management interface and set the logging level for each service.

Use case: after exhausting the logs, you might need an extra level of logging detail. To generate the additional level of logging data, configure each VMware Cloud Director Availability component.


  1. Log in to the management interface of the Cloud Replication Management Appliance.
    1. In a Web browser, go to https://Appliance-IP-Address/ui/admin.
    2. Select Appliance login or SSO login and enter the root or the single sign-on user credentials.
    3. Click Login.
  2. In the left pane, click Configuration.
  3. Under Appliance settings next to Logging levels, click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Log Levels window, for each service you can set the logging level from Off to All.
  5. To apply the configuration, click Apply.
    The modified logging level persists until the service restarts.
  6. Connect to the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliance by using a Secure Shell (SSH) client.
    1. Open an SSH connection to Appliance-IP-Address.
    2. Authenticate as the root user.
  7. See the VMware Cloud Director Availability services log files.
    VMware Cloud Director Availability Service Service Log File Location
    Manager Service /opt/vmware/h4/manager/log/manager.log
    Replicator Service /opt/vmware/h4/replicator/log/replicator.log
    Cloud Service /opt/vmware/h4/cloud/log/cloud.log
    Tunnel Service /opt/vmware/h4/tunnel/log/tunnel.log