The VMware Cloud Director Availability™ solution provides replication and failover capabilities for VMware Cloud Director™ and vCenter Server workloads at both the virtual machine and at the vApp level.

VMware Cloud Director Availability is available through the VMware Cloud Provider Program. The solution provides multi-tenant workload recovery to cloud sites and to on-premises environments. VMware Cloud Director Availability provides:
  • A single-cloud site supports multiple-tenants.
  • Replication management and monitoring from an on-premises site to a cloud site and reverse.
  • Replication and recovery of vApps and virtual machines between VMware Cloud Director sites.
  • Failback of recovered in the cloud workloads to the on-premises site.
  • Migration of protected virtual machines in the cloud site back to the on-premises site.
  • Self-service protection and failover workflows per virtual machine.
  • Single installation package as a Photon-based virtual appliance.
  • Each deployment can serve as both a source and a recovery site. There are no dedicated source and destination sites.
  • Symmetrical replication flow that can be started from either the source or the recovery site.
  • A single-site VMware Cloud Director Availability can migrate virtual machines and vApps between Virtual Data Centers belonging to a single VMware Cloud Director organization.
  • Built-in secure tunneling that requires no incoming allowed ports in the firewall in the on-premises site.
  • Built-in end-to-end TLS encryption of the replication traffic that is terminated at each Cloud Replicator Appliance.
  • Optional compression of the replication traffic.
  • VMware Cloud Director Availability vSphere Client Plug-In integration with the existing vSphere environment.
  • Support for multiple vCenter Server and ESXi versions.
  • A single installation package, distributed as a Photon-based virtual appliance to deploy all VMware Cloud Director Availability components.