Closing the installation checklist at any time does not interrupt the installation progress. Resume following the steps at a later stage by returning to the installation checklist. The installation checklist shows the current installation state, verifies the completed steps, and shows the remaining steps to complete the installation.



  1. To return to the installation checklist, in the browser go to the following address, depending on the appliance deployment type.
    Appliance Deployment Type Installation Checklist URL
    Combined Appliance https://Appliance-IP-Address/ui/guide/checklist/combined
    Cloud Replication Management Appliance https://Appliance-IP-Address/ui/guide/checklist/dedicated
    The installation checklist shows the completed and verified steps.
  2. Resume the installation with the pending step highlighted by the installation checklist. When you are ready, to mark the step as completed click Done.
    The installation checklist verifies the configuration for some of the steps and provides you with feedback.
  3. Follow the remaining steps through the end of the installation checklist. When you complete all steps, you see the following confirmation message:
    You have completed all installation steps.