When creating a replication from an on premises site to a cloud site, you can group multiple virtual machines in a single vApp replication. For the vApp replication, set the order of boot and, optionally, set boot delays for the grouped virtual machines.


  • Verify that VMware Cloud Director Availability is deployed in both the on-premises site and in the destination cloud site.


  1. Click Incoming Replications > from On-Prem.
  2. Click New Protection or New Migration.
  3. Complete the New Replication wizard.
    1. On the Source Site page, select your on-premises site and click Next.
    2. On the vCenter VMs page, select multiple virtual machines to replicate in a vApp.
    3. Enable Group VMs to a single vApp, and click Next.
      After the vApp replication is created, you can exclude but cannot add replicated virtual machines.
    4. On the vApp Settings page, set the following settings and click Next.
      • Enter a name for the resulting vApp.
      • Optionally, change the order of boot of the virtual machines in the vApp by dragging the rows.
      • Optionally, enter a start wait time to select the boot delay interval of the replicated virtual machines in the vApp.


In the destination cloud site, the grouped multiple virtual machines are represented in a vApp replication.