As a service provider, you can see the volume of transferred data for each organization. You can also export data samples for a given period to a file that contains daily usage or traffic data.



  1. In the left pane, click Reports.
  2. In the Organization pane, select an organization for which you want to filter the displayed traffic information.
  3. In the organization traffic data chart, enter the beginning and the end of the traffic reporting period, and select the interval of reporting.
    • To see the last five hours of traffic, select the 5 minutes interval.
    • To see the last two weeks of traffic, select the 1 hour interval.
    • To see the last two months of traffic, select the 1 day interval.
    On the bottom of the traffic data chart, you can see the amount of traffic transferred for the selected interval.
  4. To export daily usage and traffic data for all organizations in a .tsv file, enter the beginning and the end of the reporting period and click Export daily usage data or Export daily traffic data.

    The timestamps in the report are in UTC. The exported data includes records for the time the replications did not exists. The values shown for the that time are NaN, which evaluates to 0.

What to do next

You can select another organization and see its traffic information. You can also monitor the traffic for each replication. For more information, see Monitor the Traffic Usage of a Virtual Machine Replication.