In VMware Cloud Director Availability, you can see the historical disc usage for each virtual machine replication.

The disk usage information is only available for virtual machines and is not available for vApps.


  • Verify that VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0 is deployed in the site.
  • Verify that you can access VMware Cloud Director Availability as a tenant or as a service provider. For more information, see Accessing VMware Cloud Director Availability.


  1. In the left pane, choose a replication direction..
  2. To show the virtual machine replications, click VM.
  3. Select the virtual machine replication for which you want to see the disk usage information.
  4. In the bottom pane, click the Disk usage tab.
    In the bottom pane, the Disk usage data chart shows the disk space used by the selected replication.
  5. To change the data chart reporting interval, enter the beginning and the end of the disk usage reporting period and select an interval of reporting.
    • To see the last five hours of disk usage, select the 5 minutes interval.
    • To see the last two weeks of disk usage, select the 1 hour interval.
    • To see the last two months of disk usage, select the 1 day interval.
    At the bottom of the disk usage data chart, you can see the average disk usage for the selected interval.


You see the disk usage information for the selected replication. You can set the information data interval and the beginning and the end of the information period.

What to do next

You can select another replication and see its disk usage information. You can also monitor the disk usage as a tenant on the dashboard, or you can monitor and export the disk usage information for each organization. For more information, see Monitor the Disk Usage as a Tenant or Monitor and Export Organization Disk Usage as a Service Provider.