You can select a new storage policy for the placement of newly recovered virtual machines or vApps. By modifying the selected storage policy, you can move the destination replica files from one datastore to another.



  1. In the left pane, choose a replication direction..
  2. To select a new storage policy for a virtual machine replication, in the top right of the page click the VM button, or to select a new storage policy for a vApp replication, click the vApp button.
  3. Select a replication with a Green overall health.
  4. Click All Actions > Change storage policy.
  5. In the Edit storage policy window, select the new storage policy.
  6. Optionally, you can select Reset current storage policy.

    If the datastore that the replication resides on no longer belongs to the current storage policy, VMware Cloud Director Availability moves the replication to a datastore that belongs to the current storage policy. If there is a datastore with sufficient free space in the storage policy, the replication can move to that datastore, otherwise, the replication does not move.

  7. After you modify the selection, click OK.


In the Tasks history pane, the Change storage profile task runs for the selected storage policy.