To enable replications from the cloud to the on-premises site, in the on-premises appliance you must configure the local placement settings.

Follow this procedure if you skipped Configure local placement now during the initial setup wizard of the VMware Cloud Director Availability On-Premises Appliance.

Note: When using replication seed, the datastores of the seed disks are reused and the network connections of the original virtual machine are reapplied.


  1. Log in to the management interface of the VMware Cloud Director Availability On-Premises Appliance.
    1. In a Web browser, go to https://On-Prem-Appliance-IP-address/ui/admin.
    2. Log in as the root user.
  2. In the left pane under Configuration, click Settings.
  3. Under Site details, next to Placement to newly recovered VMs on this site click Edit.
  4. Complete the Configure Placement wizard.
    1. On the VM Folder page, select the location for storing the recovered virtual machines and click Next.
    2. On the Compute Resource page, select the destination compute resource for the recovered virtual machines and click Next.
    3. On the Default Network page, optionally select the network that the virtual machines connect to after their failover and click Next.
      If you skip to select a network, the incoming virtual machine replications are recovered with their NICs disconnected. The supported networks types are: standard networks, distributed port groups, and NSX networks (opaque networks).
    4. On the Datastore page, select the datastore in which to store the virtual machines and their disk files and click Next.
      Datastore clusters are not supported for the on-premises local placement and the clusters are not listed to select.
    5. On the Ready To Complete page, verify that the selected configuration is correct and click Finish.


To view the placement setup summary, expand the Placement to newly recovered VMs on this site section.

What to do next

You can start creating and managing replications from the on-premises site by accessing one of the interfaces:

  • Log in to your vCenter Server by using vSphere Client, authenticate with the Single Sign-On administrator credentials and access the on-premises VMware Cloud Director Availability plug-in. For more information, see the VMware Cloud Director Availability User Guide document.
  • Navigate to the cloud portal VMware Cloud Director Availability Service Endpoint and log in by using the organization administrator credentials.