For on-premises to cloud, or cloud to cloud replications, you can set the target network settings of a vApp or virtual machine. VMware Cloud Director Availability applies these network settings in the target cloud site, after a migration, failover, or a test failover.

  • For the cloud to cloud replications, VMware Cloud Director Availability replicates all the types of source vApp networks in the target cloud site: Isolated, bridged (direct) and fenced (NAT-routed) networks. VMware Cloud Director Availability replicates the source networks settings like: IP pools, NAT routes, firewall rules, and DNS settings, in the target site.

    If replicating from NSX-V to NSX-T backed target VDC, the following networking features cannot be replicated:

    If the NAT-routed vApp networks are attached to an OrgVDC network, the NAT-routed networks are converted to bridged (direct) networks.

    The isolated vApp networks do not support the DHCP service.

  • For the on-premises to cloud replications, VMware Cloud Director Availability creates a new bridged vApp network in the target cloud site and you can configure the vApp network settings.

    If not explicitly selected, the target OrgVDC networks are automatically resolved. The mapping is based on the default network gateways and applies on failover, on migrate, and to the test network settings.