VMware Cloud Director Availability™ 4.2 can migrate workloads to the VMware Cloud Director™ service hosted at VMware Cloud™ on AWS.

Classic Migrations to VMware Cloud Director Cloud Sites

Any VMware Cloud Director Availability version can migrate vSphere workloads to a private cloud site backed by VMware Cloud Director by using the native integrations with VMware Cloud Director and VMware vCenter Server®.

VMware Cloud on AWS Design Implications

Due to design specifics of the VMware Cloud Director service hosted at VMware Cloud on AWS, a new VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.2 service, called H4DM Service performs the migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS by using the new VMC data engine. By using this new service and selecting the VMC data engine, VMware Cloud Director Availability can migrate workloads to VMware Cloud Director service.

The service providers in VMware Cloud on AWS have a VMware Cloud SDDC account as well as a general AWS account, and the two accounts must be linked for the service to work. Each account has its own virtual private cloud (VPC), and the VMware Cloud VPC contains a management and a compute resource pool. In the management resource pool, VMware has complete administrative control over the management and infrastructure components. The VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances reside outside the management resource pool, deployed and managed by the service provider.

Migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS

Both the service providers and their tenants, can use the existing migration flow and migrate their workloads to VMware Cloud Director service in VMware Cloud on AWS after following this VMware Cloud Director Availability Migration to VMware Cloud Director Service Guide.