When deploying VMware Cloud Director Availability, by selecting the virtual appliance deployment type places the services of VMware Cloud Director Availability on dedicated cloud appliances, or on a combined appliance for testing purposes.

Table 1. VMware Cloud Director Availability Services
Service Name Service Description
Replicator Service Exposes the low-level Host Based Replication (HBR) primitives as REST API calls.
Manager Service A management service operating with vCenter Server-level concepts for managing the replication workflow.
Cloud Service with an embedded VMware Cloud Director Availability Tenant Portal Provides the main interface for replication operations and operates with VMware Cloud Director-level concepts and works with vApps and virtual machines.

The embedded VMware Cloud Director Availability Tenant Portal provides the tenants and the service providers of the VMware Cloud Director Availability Provider Portal with a graphic user interface to operate with VMware Cloud Director Availability.

Tunnel Service The single point that channels all the site traffic: both management and replication data (LWD) traffic.
For information about the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances, see Deployment Requirements.

Each service provides a dedicated service management interface for configuration and administration.

You perform an initial configuration by using the Manager Service, the Replicator Service, and the Cloud Service service management interfaces. After VMware Cloud Director Availability is deployed and configured, tenants can access the VMware Cloud Director Availability Tenant Portal. For information about the network connectivity between the services, see Network Requirements and for diagrams showing all services in the cloud site and a diagram showing multiple VMware Cloud Director Availability instances, see Deployment Architecture in the Cloud.

Table 2. Replication Services
Service Name Service Description
vSphere® Replication™ Service with vSphere Replication filter The vSphere Replication Service, also called the HBR Service receives and records the delta information for each replicated workload. During a replication, only the delta information is sent from one ESXi host to another ESXi host.
Lightweight Delta Protocol Service (LWD Proxy) A proprietary replication protocol service. Verifies that each incoming replication data stream comes only from the authorized source LWD Proxy instance. Also verifies that each outgoing replication data stream goes only to an authorized destination LWD Proxy instance.
Table 3. External Components
Component Name Component Description
VMware Cloud Director Service providers can build secure, multi-tenant private clouds. Pools infrastructure resources into virtual data centers. Exposes them to tenant users through Web portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated, catalog-based services.
Platform Services Controller Provides common infrastructure services to the vSphere environment. Services include licensing, certificate management, and authentication with vCenter Server Single Sign-On.

For information on which VMware Cloud Director Availability appliance each service operates, see Services and Ports in the Security Guide.