To remove the established trust between VMware Cloud Director Availability and a paired site, delete the paired site from VMware Cloud Director Availability.


Verify that all configured replications with the paired site are deleted.


  1. Log in to the management interface of the Cloud Replication Management Appliance.
    1. In a Web browser, go to https://Appliance-IP-Address/ui/admin.
    2. Select Appliance login or SSO login and enter the root or the single sign-on user credentials.
    3. Click Login.
  2. In the left pane under Configuration, click Peer Sites.
  3. Remove the established trust with a cloud site.
    1. In the Cloud sites page, select a cloud site and click Delete.
    2. In the Delete Peer Cloud Site window, to remove the cloud site pairing, click Delete.
    You removed the pairing with the cloud site and removed the trust from both the local and the remote cloud sites.
  4. Remove the established trust with an on-premises site from the cloud site.
    • If the on-premises site is still paired, now delete the pairing from the cloud site and then from the on-premises site, unpair the cloud site. For information about unpairing from the on-premises site, see Unpair On-Premises.
    • If from the on-premises site the cloud site is already unpaired, delete the remaining record in the cloud site.
    1. Under On-premises sites, click Delete.
    2. In the Delete On-Premises Site window, to remove the on-premises site pairing, click Delete.
      Above On-premises sites you see a green On-Premises site deleted successfully. message.
    You removed the cloud site trust with the on-premises site. If you performed this procedure from the cloud site first, in the on-premises site the cloud site still shows as paired. For more information, see Unpair On-Premises.