After the cloud site is upgraded, you can upgrade the on-premises appliance. Follow the upgrade path and choose an upgrade method that is available for the currently installed VMware Cloud Director Availability version. After following the prerequisites, choose a source repository for the upgrade files and upgrade the On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance.

Upgrade Paths

To upgrade to the latest version of the On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance, use the following upgrade methods, according to the currently installed version.

Current Version Next Version Upgrade Method
4.2.x or 4.3.x 4.4.x
4.0.x or 4.1.x 4.2.1*
3.0.x or 3.5.x 4.0
3.0 4.0 You must upgrade only by using the command-line interface, see the legacy Command-Line Upgrading On-Premises procedures.

* To upgrade to the latest version, when performing a two-step upgrade from 4.1.x or from 4.0.x, use 4.2.1 as the intermediate upgrade. For more information, see the Upgrade Path of the On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

  • Before upgrading the On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance:
    • Ensure that you have not manually enabled the Photon repository of the appliance.

      To verify for enabled repositories, open an SSH connection to the appliance, log in by using the root user credentials and run the following command:

      yum -v repolist all | grep enabled
      When no repository is active, the command returns no result and you can proceed with the upgrade.
    • Ensure that you have not installed any packages or third-party software or made any manual modifications of yum configuration files.
  • To complete the upgrade sequence, see Post-Upgrade Configuration On-Premises.
  • Attempting to upgrade from version 4.0.x directly to version 4.3 appears to proceed with the upgrade while performing no upgrade. The /var/log/upgrade.log file shows Direct upgrades from 4.0.x are not supported! Upgrade to latest from 4.2 code line first and then you'll be able to upgrade to later versions.

Upgrade Repository

To upgrade VMware Cloud Director Availability on-premises, you can configure the On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance to download the upgrade files from one of the following source repositories.

Repository Description
An ISO image Use an upgrade ISO file mounted in the virtual appliance CD-ROM drive for environments without an external Internet access.
A specified repository To upgrade multiple appliances or after deploying the appliances in different datastores, specify a repository as a content source:
  • You can specify a local repository where you can upload the upgrade files, for environments where the network restricts the online Internet access to the appliances.
  • Alternatively, with available Internet access, specify as an online upgrade repository.
Note: Cannot upgrade by selecting the option Official Online Repository in the management interface of versions 4.0.x since Apr 2021.

To upgrade by using their management interface, either select an ISO image or specify a repository.