In an on-premises environment, use VMware Cloud Director Availability™ after deploying a On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance from a single OVA file, either by using the vSphere Client, or by using VMware OVF Tool.

The On-Premises to Cloud Director Replication Appliance comes as a preconfigured virtual machine that is optimized for running the VMware Cloud Director Availability services.

The appliance has a name in the form VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-On-Premises-x.x.x.xxxx-yyyyyyyy_OVF10.ova, where x.x.x represents the product version and yyyyyyyy the build number.
Note: After deploying the appliance, for the first time only power it on from vSphere. Attempting to power it on for the first time from the ESXi user interface results in errors and that require redeploying the appliance from the scratch and powering it on from vSphere.