VMware Cloud Director Availability services use the following configuration files.

To apply changes in the configuration files, restart the affected service by using the service management interface, or in an SSH session, run the following command.
systemctl restart <SERVICE>
Service System Unit System Unit Location Configuration File Location
VMware Cloud on AWS Data Engine Service h4dm /usr/lib/systemd/system/h4dm.service /opt/vmware/h4/h4dm/conf/conf.toml
Replicator Service replicator /lib/systemd/system/replicator.service /opt/vmware/h4/replicator/config/application.properties
Manager Service manager /lib/systemd/system/manager.service /opt/vmware/h4/manager/config/application.properties
Cloud Service cloud /lib/systemd/system/cloud.service /opt/vmware/h4/cloud/config/application.properties
Tunnel Service tunnel /lib/systemd/system/tunnel.service /opt/vmware/h4/tunnel/config/application.properties
vSphere Replication Server hbrsrv /usr/lib/systemd/system/hbrsrv.service /etc/vmware/hbrsrv.xml
Lightweight Delta Protocol Service lwdproxy /lib/systemd/system/lwdproxy.service /opt/vmware/h4/lwdproxy/conf/lwdproxy.properties
PostgreSQL database server h4postgresql /lib/systemd/system/h4postgresql.service /opt/vmware/h4/db/postgresql.conf
  • VMware Cloud Director Availability does not support installing of any packages, 3rd party software or, and changes in yum configuration files.
  • The resources that relate to security operate with the required OS permissions and ownership. Do not attempt to change the ownership or permissions of these files.

For information about configuring the security properties, see Services Security Configuration Properties.