To use a replication seed for configuring a replication, you must export a virtual machine to removable media and provide it to your service provider.


  • Verify that you have sufficient user privileges in the vSphere Client to power off a virtual machine.
  • Verify that you have the VMware OVF Tool installed and configured.


  1. Power off the virtual machine on the protected side by using the vSphere Client.
  2. Export a virtual machine from vCenter Server to a removable media.
    ovftool	'vi://root@VC_IP/Datacenter_Name/vm/VM_FQDN' VM_FQDN.ova 

    After the process finishes, you can power on the virtual machine.

  3. (Optional) Export a vApp from VMware Cloud Director to a removable media.
    ovftool 'vcloud://ORG_ADMIN@VCLOUD_DIRECTOR_IP:443?org=ORG_NAME&vdc=VDC_NAME&vapp=VAPP_NAME' VAPP_NAME.ova
  4. Provide the removable media containing the exported files to your service provider.