The replication state depends on the state of the virtual machines that the vApp replication contains. Depending on the state of the replication, you can perform specific actions.

Replication Overall Health States

The Overall Health shows a color-coded overall replication health state.

Overall Health Description
Green There are no problems with the replication.
Yellow There is a potential problem with the replication.
Red The replication is not healthy. You must manually troubleshoot the problem.

Data Connection States

When a replication is configured, the data connection state shows the state of the replication.

Data Connection State Description
Healthy A green color-coded state, showing that the source can send data and the destination is receiving the data successfully. A successfully recovered replication is healthy.
Error A red color-coded state, showing that there is a problem in the destination site. For example, the target datastore is full. You must manually troubleshoot the destination site.
Paused A yellow color-coded state, showing that the replication is paused. No data is transferred. Recovery Point Objective (RPO) violations are expected.
Powered Off The source virtual machine is powered off. Data transfer starts after you turn on the source virtual machine or you manually synchronize the replication.
Initial Synchronizing The initial synchronization between the source and the destination sites is in progress.
Synchronizing Synchronization between the source and the destination sites is in progress.
Pruning Destination instances are being pruned.
Unknown The source and destination states are unknown. There is a problem in both sites that you must manually troubleshoot.
Finished The replication has been recovered and is no longer ongoing.

Recovery States

After performing a recovery operation, monitor the recovery state of the replication.

Recovery State Description
Not started Recovery operation is not started for the replication.
Complete Recovery operation is complete. All instances are destroyed.
Test Image Ready A test failover has completed successfully.
Recovering Recovery operation is in progress.
Reversed The replication has been reversed.
Unknown The recovery status is unknown.