When the certificate of the Replicator Service expires, you must replace it with the new self-signed or CA-signed certificate.

Replacing the SSL certificate of the Replicator Service unregisters it from the Manager Service in the local and in the remote sites. To repair the registration of the Replicator Service to the Manager Service in the remote site, you must re-establish the trust between the cloud sites. For more information, see Re-Pair Cloud Sites.


Verify that you are prepared to follow the steps in these procedures when replacing the certificate:


  1. In a Web browser, go to the Replicator Service service management interface for your deployment type.
    Deployment type Service Management Interface
    Cloud Director Combined Appliance https://Appliance-IP-Address:8440/ui/admin
    Replicator Appliance https://Replicator-Appliance-IP-Address/ui/admin
    1. Select Appliance login or SSO login and enter the root or the single sign-on user credentials.
    2. Click Login.
  2. Log in as root.
  3. Generate or upload a new certificate.
  4. Re-pair the registration of Replicator Service instances to the Manager Service service on the local site.
    1. Log in again to the Manager Service service management interface at https://Replication-Manager-IP-address:8441/ui/admin.
      On the System Monitoring tab all Replicator Service instances are Offline.
    2. On the Replicators tab, select a Replicator Service instance and click Repair.
    3. Enter the details of the Replicator Service instance and click Apply.
      Option Description
      Appliance Password The root user password for the Replicator Service appliance.
      SSO User Name A user name that has administrative privileges for the local site single sign-on domain, for example Administrator@VSPHERE.LOCAL.
      SSO Password The password for the administrative user.
    4. Accept the SSL certificate of the Replicator Service service.
    5. Repeat steps b to d for all Replicator Service instances that are registered to the Manager Service service in the local site.
    6. After you repair the registrations for all Replicator Service instances, verify that no connectivity errors are reported on the System Monitoring tab.
  5. In the service management interface of the Cloud Service appliance, navigate to the Sites tab.
  6. Select a cloud site and click Repair.
    Note: You must perform this step for each cloud site.