After you create an organization in VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension, the next step is to create a VDC that has an organization VDC network that can route network traffic from virtual machines to the Internet.


  • Use the following vcd-cli commands as a guide to create an attached VDC network in VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension.
    # Switch to org and create VDC under it.
    vcd org use cse_org_1
    vcd vdc create cse_vdc_1 \
    --provider-vdc 'Sample-provider-vdc' \
    --allocation-model 'AllocationVApp' \
    --storage-profile '*' \
    --description 'CSE org VDC'
    # Switch to the new VDC and add an outbound network. It's assumed that the
    # 'Corporate' external network already exists in VCD.
    vcd vdc use cse_vdc_1 vcd network direct create CSE_org_vdc_network \
       --description 'Internet facing network' \
       --parent 'Corporate' \