This section details how tenant organization administrators can assign the Kubernetes Cluster Author role to tenant users. When tenant users receive this role, they can perform cluster management functions, such as creating, upgrading and deleting clusters.


Verify that your service provider has created and published a cluster author role to your organization. If this type of role does not appear in VMware Cloud Director, contact your service provider.


  1. From the top navigation bar in VMware Cloud Director, select Administration.
  2. From the left panel under Tenant Access Control, select Global Roles.
  3. In the Global Roles window, select Kubernetes Cluster Author role.
  4. In the Kubernetes Cluster Author window, from the top navigation bar, select Publish.
  5. In the Publish Global Role "Kubernetes Cluster Author" window, activate the Publish to Tenants toggle, and deactivate the Publish to All Tenants toggle.
  6. Select the tenant to publish the Kubernetes Cluster Author role to, and click Save.