This section details how to upgrade Kubernetes versions in a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster in VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Director, and from the top navigation bar, select More > Kubernetes Container Clusters.
  2. From the cluster list, select the cluster you want to upgrade.
    Note: Once you select a cluster, if an upgraded Kubernetes version is available, the newer version appears in the Upgrade section of the cluster information. If there are no upgrades available, the Upgrade tab in the operations menu deactivates.
    Note: The following warning alert appears for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters during cluster upgrade workflow. If this warning appears, and the current versions of Kubernetes components in the cluster do not match the available versions for upgrades, follow the instructions in the Upgrade Kubernetes Components in VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension Clusters workflow. Do not continue with the cluster upgrade workflow you are currently in.
  3. From the operations menu, click Upgrade.
    Note: Once the upgrade is issued, you can see the upgrade spinner in the cluster list page for the associated cluster. The spinner is present until the upgrade is complete.