In VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 4.1, you can create, resize and delete worker node pools in the Kubernetes Container Clusters plug-in in VMware Cloud Director.

Worker node pools are groups of worker nodes in a cluster that share the same configuration on which your workloads can run on. By configuring worker node pools, clusters can have several different types of worker nodes to perform separate tasks in the one cluster. It is necessary to have at least one worker node pool with one worker node for a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster.

Create a Worker Node Pool

In VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 4.1, you can create multiple worker node pools in a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster. Follow these steps to create a worker node pool or add additional worker node pools to an existing cluster.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Director, and from the top navigation bar, select More > Kubernetes Container Clusters.
  2. From the list of clusters, click on the name of the cluster to which you want to add a worker node pool.
  3. In the cluster information window, click the Node Pools tab and click Create Worker Node Pools.
  4. In the Create New Worker Node Pool window, enter a worker node pool name, number of nodes and disk size, and optionally select a sizing policy, placement policy and storage policy.
  5. (Optional) Click Create New Worker Pool to create additional worker node pools.
  6. Click Create.
    To resize a worker node pool, see Resize a Node Pool.