To organize the objects in your buckets, you can create folders and group the objects as appropriate.

Once a folder is created, you cannot rename it.


Verify that you have the required set of rights to create a folder in a bucket.
  • If you are an organization administrator, you can create folders in the buckets that users in your organization own.
  • If you are an organization user, to create a folder, you must be the owner of the bucket, or the owner of the bucket must assign Read and Write permissions for the bucket to your user account.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Object Storage.
  3. In the Buckets pane, navigate to the bucket in which you want to create a folder.
  4. Click Create Folder and enter a name for the folder.
  5. To create the folder, click Create.